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82 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2018 1 The PCB Design Magazine is Renamed Design007 Magazine; January 2018 Edition Now Available E To ring in the new year, we've made a few changes to our magazines. You may have noticed that our name has changed from The PCB Design Magazine to Design007 Magazine. Not only did we update our magazine's name, but we also refreshed the interior pages of the publication. 2 Beyond Design: Signal Flight Time Variance in Multilayer PCBs E Signals travel at the same speed, given the same medium. However, the microstrip (outer layer) traces are embedded in a mélange of dielectric mate- rial, solder mask (if required) and air. This lowers the effective dielectric constant and increases the propagation speed compared to that of stripline (inner layer) traces. This month, I will look at the disparity in signal propagation in multilayer PCBs. 3 Dr. Johannes Adam Gets Hot on Thermal Management E Thermal management expert Johannes Adam, PhD, was kind enough to take the train from his home in Leimen, Germany to meet with me during productronica in Munich. 4 EMA Cloud Lined with Capability E Editor Kelly Dack speaks with EMA Design Automa- tion Marketing Manager Chris Banton about the company's new free cloud- based OrCAD schematic capture tool, OrCAD's design constraint manager, and the Sigrity electrical rule checker. Recent Highlights from Design007

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