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24 SMT007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2018 world-class electrochemical reliability down to 100 µm spacing on fine-pitch components. Our newest solder paste, Alpha OM-550 HRL1, is a revolutionary advancement in low-temperature soldering that also aids in increasing performance while helping to reduce warranty failures. The HRL1 alloy requires a soldering temperature of 50°C below SAC305 while maintaining a similar reliability to SAC305. This results in a highly reliable and energy-efficient soldering process. Las Marias: What latest trends or developments in automotive electronics are changing the way electronics assemblies are being manufactured? Salerno: The continual trend towards the development of autonomous vehicles are forcing manufacturers to rethink electronics assemblies and once again push the reliabil- ity demands on assembly materials. Advanced detection systems are one of the key elements to building a safe and reliable vehicle capable of predicting behavior of the three-dimensional images it is sensing. To achieve this, electronics need to embody artificial intelligence, process- ing advanced algorithms to enable the vehicle to quickly and automatically adapt to changing circumstances. There's also IoT considerations as onboard systems need to support machine- to-machine communications to learn from other vehicles and adjust for weather changes and shifting road conditions. As package sizes decrease, demands to maintain thermal and electrical performance of assembly materials will increase. Las Marias: What are the key considerations for success in automotive electronics assembly? Salerno: The ability to meet reliability require- ments and reduce total cost of ownership are critical to success in automotive electronics. The balance between product warranty cost and the implementation of more advanced alloys that enhance long term reliability will continue to be a challenge for design and manufacturing engineers alike. Las Marias: What can you say about the future of automotive electronics assembly industry? How do you position Alpha in this market? Salerno: Alpha is well positioned to meet the current and future demands of the automotive industry. The continual adoption of HEV/EV powertrain, advanced detection systems, and enhanced in-cabin electronics are three signifi - cant trends in the automotive electronics indus- try for which Alpha has well-established, proven products to meet the most stringent design demands. Alpha can provide product solutions to the automotive electronics market where the technology is rapidly changing and becoming more complex. Alpha's strong partnership with leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers is fostered through delivering high quality products, supe - rior technical support, and having a deep under- standing of their next generation needs. Las Marias: Thank you, Paul. Salerno: Thank you. SMT007 Henk Biemans, managing director of MEK (Marantz Electronics) Europe, speaks with I-Connect007 Managing Editor Stephen Las Marias about why the growing automotive electronics market is driving the increasing demand for THT AOI systems. Other topics discussed include reliability issues, artifi - cial intelligence, and machine learning in inspection systems. To watch the interview, click here. MEK Sees Increasing Demand for THT AOI Systems

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