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46 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2018 In the movie "Seabiscuit," the story of the famous race horse, Charles Howard, Seabis- cuit's owner, played by Jeff Bridges, says, "The horse is too small, the jockey too big, the trainer too old, and I'm too dumb to know the difference." Everyone was telling him that he couldn't make this combo work, and yet it did work, and Seabiscuit won big. If you're like me, you've probably had people tell you that something you believed in wouldn't work out, but you stuck with it and were rewarded with suc- cess. It's easy to buck conventional think- ing if you are doing something simple like painting the den in an unusual color; after all, if it doesn't work out you can always repaint it. But when it comes to hiring new employees, it can be a lot harder to take a risk. I believe there can be great rewards when hiring managers are willing to take that risk and think outside of the standard industry box. Let me explain why. Like the rest of you, I've had times of unemploy- ment, when your daily job is looking for work. You find yourself writ- ing and then rewriting your resume, searching online forums and job search sites, and apply- ing to every job that you can find. It's particu- larly tough when you find out that a job that was a perfect fit for you was filled by a less experienced person. You may have spent the last 20 years doing this job at other compa- nies, but because you weren't fluent yet with, say, one soft- ware tool, the job was given to someone else with far less experience, but who could do this one thing. I've hired people myself, and I know what hir- ing managers face. But hiring managers may be hurting their companies by drawing up a list of expectations so tight that highly qual- ified people may be slip- ping between the cracks. I am very aware of how difficult it is for you hir- ing managers to do your jobs. You have to follow the different rules and regulations for hiring, satisfying the legal and internal HR requirements. You also need to be able to assess multiple applicants without spending weeks or months of your time, and yet still find people who will be a good fit for the company. Being a hiring manager is a difficult job, one which Hiring the Right PCB Designer Tim's Takeaways by Tim Haag, CONSULTANT

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