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50 FLEX007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 Editor's Note: This is the fourth in a series of excerpts from the eBook. The first three issues of Flex007 Magazine carried Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. It All Starts With the Data Package The fundamental purpose of this series is to provide in an abbreviated form a discussion of key matters related to the design and manu- facturing of flexible circuits to help design- ers avoid delays during manufacturing. Here is a summary of the critical bits of informa- tion designers should understand to ensure a desired outcome on the first pass. The points of discussion here are general and not exhaus- tive. As has been said in earlier sections, the diversity of design makes every product unique. With that caveat, the following is a list of items generally deemed important when designing flex and rigid-flex circuits. Product Class Definitions Having an upfront statement of the intended use of the flex circuit will help to frame the expectations in terms of reliability and cost. Defining the class of the product lets the manu - facturer know which added controls to apply to the manufacturing process and the level of care required in the inspection process to ensure that the customer gets the right product. Specified Materials for Circuit Construction While there are only a limited number of flexible circuit materials in wide use, there are many potential candidates; therefore, a need to constrain the options to meet expecta- tions. When specifying materials, the designer should inform the manufacturer of the type of base polymer to be used, and the type of adhe- sive desired if an adhesiveless laminate is not to be used. Excerpt: The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to… Flex and Rigid-Flex Fundamentals Feature by Dave Lackey and Anaya Vardya AMERICAN STANDARD CIRCUITS Designing Flex Circuits for First-Pass Success: Part 4

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