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56 PCB007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2019 The other thing to keep in mind about your message is it should be clear, concise, and stand on its own. You don't need a paragraph of text to explain it. Remember, the mind doesn't like complexity. It likes simplicity. So, the final question: what's your message? What Do You Stand For? "I don't know who you are, I don't know your values, I don't know your reputation, and I don't know what you stand for. Now, what is it you want to sell me?" This may seem extreme, but don't assume your pros- pects may already know this about you. In fact, they may know something quite the contrary if you leave it up to your com - petitor to educate them about you. Why does this mat- ter? It matters because people want to do busi- ness with the compa- nies they know—those with strong reputations and solid core values. What you stand for are the values you bring into your business and lead your team with each day. These val- ues are the ones you instill in your team to guide them in all of your business dealings. Hubris can get in the way, and oftentimes, it does. When it comes to values, it's not what you say or think you said, but rather what you do because how you act is what you commu- nicate. We all hear of or know companies that are "shady" or "questionable." They promise everything and deliver disappointment. Those are the ones we don't want to do business with. The core values in these organizations are not aligned with building a long-lasting re- lationship with their customers, suppliers, or employees. Core values don't change with market con- ditions—they stand the test of time. The best way for your customers to know yours is to be in front of them every day living your values. This includes all of your marketing, ads, columns, interviews, shipping boxes, or any point where you are in contact with a prospect or customer. Make sure your pros- pects know who you are, your reputation, and what you stand for. Live, share, and reinforce that every day. By doing so, it will make doing business with you a much easier choice for prospects. There are a few com- panies you already know that are safe to do busi- ness with. The ones that consistently do what they say they will do, when they say they will, without hidden cost. Amazon is one that comes to mind. They are not perfect, but when they do miss the mark, you already know they will strive to make it right. It would be nice if all business transac- tions were that predictable. Amazon has built a solid reputation with consumers. Their marketing plan is strong, and their branding is everywhere—right down to their shipping box with a smile. You know it's Amazon. Now, how do we know it's you? PCB007 To read the entire book, visit readthreads.com to request your free copy today!

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