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28 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE Chip Scale Packaging for Modern Electronics. He has also authored numerous technical papers and articles. Over the last 35 years, Joe has presented numerous seminars on PCB, flex circuit, and chip-scale packaging technologies at industry conferences. To read past "Flexible Thinking" columns or contact Joe, click here. Steve Williams Steve Williams is a 40-year veteran in the electron- ics industry, having gained prominence and recognition as an authority on manu- facturing, quality and man- agement. He is the president of The Right Approach Consulting and the former long-time global sourcing manager for Plexus Corpora- tion. Steve has authored five books on quality, Lean, and leadership; published more than 150 business articles and whitepapers; and is a col- umnist for PCB007 Magazine at I-Connect007. He is also an accomplished public speaker as a certified John Maxwell Team coach, teacher, and speaker on leadership. To read past col- umns or contact Steve, click here. Guest Contributors Kelly Dack Kelly Dack, CID+, is an ex- perienced PCB designer with a demonstrated history of working in the electronics manufacturing industry. He understands that PCB design involves a lot more than getting electrons to flow through a circuit on a PCB. Further, he has dedicated his career to demonstrating that it also includes how well a designer can lay out a PCB to flow efficiently through the manufactur - ing process lines for fabrication and assembly. Kelly's holistic experience in the PCB industry is underlined by proven design capability serv- ing a wide array of segments including aero- space, medical, telecommunications, and gam- ing. Currently, Kelly provides DFX-centered PCB design layout and manufacturing engineer- ing services for a dynamic EMS provider in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, he serves on the executive staff of the IPC Designers Council and is a CID instructor. Osvaldo Targon At the age of 18, Osvaldo Targon started working as an electronic designer at Phil- ips in Argentina. In 1962, he started a personal ven- ture with activities related to designing and manufacturing printed circuits and has also added component assembly since then. Osvaldo has served as president of the electronic chamber in Buenos Aires (CADIEL), and is currently associated with IPC. He is also part of ALAINEE (Latin American Associa- tion of the Electrical and Electronic Industry), which is a private nonprofit entity of interna- tional character. Further, his company is build- ing a new factory, and he is advising the direc- tor on the construction based on the Industry 4.0 smart factory technology. Osvaldo has 60 years of industry experience. Judy Warner Judy Warner has been in the electronics industry for over 25 years in sales and marketing for PCB manu- facturing and EMS compa- nies. She also worked for the I-Connect007 team and has been a writer and blogger for other publications. Judy now serves as the director of marketing, community engagement for Altium where she helps pro- vides resources and advocates for PCB design professionals as well as hosts the OnTrack PCB design podcast. Technical Editors Dan Feinberg Dan Feinberg is president of Fein-Line Associates, a business services and mar- ket research consulting firm. He was formerly president of Morton Electronic Mate- rials (Dynachem)—a $240-million division of

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