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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 41 Goldman: Are you planning to do an event this summer? Buscemi: We will be in Raleigh in early June, and there is absolutely the potential to repli- cate this. Goldman: The kids might be out of school then, though. Buscemi: Well, maybe they will be looking for something to do. There's an opportunity with summer programming too. Goldman: It could work. That would be great. Buscemi: There is strong interest from teach- ers to integrate industry-recognized credentials and training materials into their curriculum to ensure that students are gaining the right level of skills to go to the next level, whether that's to become immediately employed or further their education at a community college or uni- versity. It's not about everyone going to a four- year school anymore; it's about how we can get young people on a pathway to a career that is going to give them real opportunities. Goldman: That's so true. Do you have any other thoughts? Buscemi: I'll close out with saying we need support. We are actively fundraising and going out to our IPC industry members from large OEMs and EMS companies to the mom-and- pop manufacturing shops. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute. We've already seen that here today with the great support from many of our industry members. Goldman: I noticed that all of the students received a backpack with a t-shirt and soldering iron. Buscemi: Yes, thanks to the generous dona- tion of several of our industry partners includ- ing Panasonic who donated the backpacks to Weller Apex Tools who donated a soldering kit to each school. Goldman: Were any of the schools here today also represented last year? Buscemi: No, all of the schools here this year are new. Our goal is to reach as many new schools and students as possible. Three schools attended last year. Goldman: Interesting. So, we reached six more schools. Buscemi: Yes, six new schools. Goldman: That's great news. I hope everything works out so you can reach more people through- out the year. Let's can keep the ball rolling. I'll be interested in learning more as it goes along. Buscemi: Absolutely. Thank you very much. Goldman: Thank you. S&T

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