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58 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE outward and ask, "How can I contribute?" — whether it's socially in the community or with IPC—when you are contributing and giving of yourself, I think it makes your life a lot more rounded and a heck of a lot happier. Goldman: And you can learn so much. Fullwood: Yes. One of the nice things about the interaction with the committees is that you always learn from your peers, and you can have some fun doing it. As you know, I was always the person that corrected the English grammar. That has been a problem for me ever since I came to America. Americans nei- ther speak English nor do they speak correctly (laughs). Goldman: I suppose it must grate on your ears every time. Fullwood: It does. Quite often, when you find a technological niche that you can not only con- tribute to but also be involved in (e.g., correct- ing the way the documents are written), that's a major contribution. And it became more and more significant all the time that I was working in Asia. For example, I speak Cantonese fairly well. I understand Mandarin a little, but when you're working in a foreign language and rec- ognize the way Americans have constructed a lot of IPC documents, they're not well under- stood by people whose native language is not English. One of the things that I also contrib- uted to was saying, "We need to make these documents so that people who speak foreign languages can understand them too." Goldman: Were you involved in the transla- tions? Fullwood: No, when you get into the technical jargon, translation is a lot more difficult. I was well aware when IPC set up their China office— the people over there do an excellent job. I did assist them in clarification and understanding what the English documents said so that they could be translated into Chinese. Goldman: Any other words of wisdom for our readers? Fullwood: I would say particularly to people who seem to want to either play games or make a bunch of money in a business situation, there is nothing more enjoyable than being involved in the development of something technical that you can not only wrap your brain around but also your hands. Goldman: And the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something significant. Fullwood: Yes, it's absolutely satisfying. While I have minimized my involvement in the last year, I still do some consulting to keep my brain functioning, and I still think it's a lot of fun. Goldman: Good to hear. One last question: Have you chosen a university for the Dieter Bergman Memorial scholarship? Fullwood: Yes, I chose Brigham Young Univer- sity in Hawaii and specified "for an underprivi- leged Pacific Rim kid in the sciences." Goldman: That's very nice. Thanks so much for your time. Fullwood: You are very welcome, Patty. S&T Brigham Young University-Hawaii has been selected for the Dieter Bergman Memorial Scholorship. (Source:

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