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76 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE unteered, saying, "I have a little robotics sys- tem that can do paste dispensing quickly. How about that?" I figured, "Why not? Let's see. If nothing else, we can look at how flexible CFX is. I can have a robotics solder paste dispenser and put the board into your SPI machine." It has been fascinating to see creative people fig- uring out what to do. The latest thing that happened on Monday was they said, "Now that IPC-CFX is approved, we have the SDK for .NET. There are other software platforms or formats. Why not get an SDK to help people that want to implement in those formats?" So, we have task groups build- ing CFX SDKs for Linux, Python, and LabVIEW, and I have to get a leader for one that will be JavaScript. We will kick those off, and that will expand the universe of potential equipment that can quickly implement CFX messaging. Feinberg: Impressive. Bergman: It's really that easy and has been fun to see. Feinberg: I have to come over and see it. For this particular show, one of the things they've asked me to do is do a write-up of my impres- sions. Obviously, I've been at every show since day one. I'm seeing more positive stuff at this show so far than maybe ever, such as CFX and robotics. Also, some of the people I've inter - viewed have said that their confidence in the economy is good and they haven't been better in many years. None of them are necessar- ily connected to each other, but it's a con- fluence where four to five years ago, every- thing seemed to be a little more negative. Usually, there's some negative and some positive. This year, everything I'm hearing is positive. I'd like to congratulate you. Bergman: That's great to hear. Thanks, Dan. Feinberg: We have some huge changes coming to our industry, and all of it posi- tive. This sounds like something that's going to add to the consistency and reli- ability of the equipment, consistency, and reli- ability of the end products of IPC members, and with things like autonomous driving com- ing and 5G enabling medical electronics, the timing couldn't be better. Bergman: Within two years, I think you will start to see some amazing smart factory stuff. There are already people starting to show a lot of it, and I believe CFX will help that expand exponentially. We are already getting glimpses of this. As we reach out to raise IPC-CFX awareness, we have heard from other manu- facturing industries, saying, "Wait a minute— secure communication? Breaking down your processes into building block messages? That could work for our industry. Can CFX be in the metal forming industry? Can I do this in the automotive industry?" Yes, you can. It's likely that this model may extend activity beyond just electronics manufacturing. Feinberg: We saw some things at CES like autonomous farming because 5G is enabling us to do so much more. We're entering a dif- ferent world, and it's not bad either; it's good stuff. I'm going to come by as soon as your line gets a little bit smaller for a firsthand demon- stration. Thank you so much for talking to me. I appreciate it. Bergman: Thanks, Dan. My pleasure. To find out more about IPC-CFX, click here.

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