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AUGUST 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 43 counts and heavier copper plating. This creates more energy, and more energy creates more heat. The added heat can lead to deformation or wear on the parts. Thermal management and overall better performance of materials are required. Therefore, thermal management has been a key area of research and develop - ment at Taiyo. As the market leader in solder mask, Taiyo has seen the trend for thermal cycling requirements increase, and we have responded with a series of solder mask prod - ucts specifically for the automotive electron- ics industry. To deliver better thermal management, Taiyo America has designed PSR-4000 CC01SE, show- ing excellent thermal properties at tempera- tures at or above 180°C for 2,000 hours. Cur- rently, Taiyo is working to push this beyond the 200°C mark. Another product designed for the automotive industry is PSR-4000 CR01MW, which addresses the white LED segment's con- cerns about crack resistance. The CR01MW product also meets the same higher ther- mal cycling requirements as its counterpart, CC01SE. Via Filling With a growing demand for high-density interconnect (HDI), via filling is a critical new process in a PCB manufacturer's facility. Fill- ing vias has come a long way over the past 18 years. It used to be a simple process of screen printing an epoxy material over a drilled hole to fill the vacant space. With the growing need to fill blind vias, back-drilled vias, and high aspect ratio vias, you need specialized equip- ment. Equipment suppliers—such as I.T.C. Intercircuit, the German equipment manu- facturer—offer sophisticated equipment that creates a vacuum environment for blind vias so that they can be filled air-free. This also works for back-drill and high aspect ratio vias (Figure 3). This type of equipment is critical so that the vias can be filled with no air bub- bles inside. With the new growth of 5G networks and continuous new thermal cycle requirements from the automotive industry, the materials needed for via fill must be improved on a reg - ular basis by suppliers like Taiyo. Taiyo has designed several via fill products that focused Figure 2: The global connected car market and 5G, propelling each other forward.

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