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Brooks: I'm really challenged to try to come up with an online curriculum. We're used to going to seminars and having somebody talk to us with a PowerPoint presentation run- ning through a concept. But I think hands- on training with somebody sitting in front of the CAD tool and working with it is essential. Regarding visiting a shop and seeing how it runs, you might be able to do that in a video way and give them a sense for it, but it's not quite the same as walking through it your - self. Somebody could create that content and put it out there with YouTube and make it a part of the curriculum. There needs to be a hands-on feel and they need to be able to use a CAD tool. It's going to take an investment of resourc- es to put something together and run it. May- be one of the big CAD companies would back it and create the online content. "If you want to learn how to become a designer, come to us. We'll teach you how to do it, we'll have the curriculum right here, and you can walk through it step by step. At the end, we'll give you a certificate." You pay something up front to get involved in it, or they make it available in a cost-effective way. Matties: Even beyond the certificate, compa- nies will hire them to train people. Brooks: Sure. That certainly can be an option. There are people who I'm sure would be will- ing to do it, but I'll bet that a lot of them have the same problem that we all do. They're not sitting with a book in their hand, saying, "I need to walk through this material and teach somebody how to do this." No, they must de- velop it from ground zero, and that makes it a large task. I did start putting something togeth- er, but I've been too busy to dedicate my life to it. It would take a team of people to create a PCB 101 book that could teach someone what they needed to know online. Shaughnessy: Thanks for your time, Bill. Brooks: Glad to share what I can. Thanks. DESIGN007

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