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122 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2020 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE we always have room to improve in terms of our booth and showing, but otherwise, what we have shown here has been well-received. Johnson: And what does your company do? Davies: We are a test instrumentation manu- facturer. We provide tools for manufacturing test engineers to help them reduce the size and cost of their functional testers. We make test instrumentation that's optimized for manufac- turing test right in the middle for manufactur- ing and use—not high-end instrumentation that is optimized for validation tests, and not very low-end instrumentation that handles hobbyist-type applications. Andy Shaughnessy: What are some of the big- gest challenges in this segment? Davies: Test engineers are always being pressed to be agile and reduce costs all the time. It's a challenge that they face every single day. They're getting compressed in the amount of time that they have to develop a test funda- mentally. Acroname helps test engineers by removing traditional barriers to their ability to develop testers and by changing the paradigm of the size, space, and complexity of what functional testers have been traditionally. We are creating elegant architectures for test engi- neers to quickly create solutions that scale for their customer's needs. Johnson: It's always good to get out there and make sure that you're talking to the customers to find what they're looking for. What seems to be the hot button for your customers? Davies: Our customers are always looking for ways to miniaturize their manufacture and functional test. They're excited to have an option for instrumentation and for functional circuit tests that's outside of the norm. They can finally create a new expectation for the size and speed of their testers. _______________________ Hector Hernandez Koh Young, Sales Partner Kelly Dack: What have you seen on the show floor? Hector Hernandez: I'm from Mexico, and my company is Koh Young. We do 3D AOI and SPI. The show this year is amazing. A lot of people are here, looking for new technologies related to Industry 4.0 and the smart factory, and it has been a great show. We can improve a lot of things to make next year's show better, but we have had a great show so far. Dack: Have you seen anything really new that stood out? Hernandez: Many companies are focused on the smart factory and the connection between their own equipment and other brands and competitors. IPC APEX EXPO has been a great opportunity to see the new CFX line, which is one of the better things right now. The new communication between equipment is amaz- ing. Every company is focused on that part. _______________________ Ryan Herrmann Heraeus Electronics, Marketing Communica- tions Specialist D a c k : How has this show been different than past years? Herrmann: The show is a lot more positive than it was last year. It's a great industry event, cel- ebrating 20 years of APEX. It's a great experi- ence. Heraeus has also been committed to IPC and APEX for the last 20 years. We're enjoying this event and the weather in San Diego. Dack: How's the traffic for you?

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