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JULY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 103 5 Fresh PCB Concepts: HDI Microvia Features in Illustrations E R u b e n C o n t r e r a s e x p l a i n s microvias and discusses aspect ratio s w ith microv ias. This is important to know when designing an HDI PCB because the different types vary in com- plexity. And the more complex, the more this affects the cost. 6 Connect the Dots: There is No 'Final' Frontier for PCB Design E Our ongoing mission: To explore more manufacturable designs, to seek out higher-qual- ity boards and enhanced func- tionality, to boldly design PCBs that no one has designed before. 7 Star Trek, the Original Series: An Homage From a Fan E It's fun to think back to the days when I first saw Star Trek on TV. In September 1966, I was a sophomore in college in chemi- cal engineering. Being a science fiction fan for many years, I was looking forward to this new show, so I would go over to the student union building early in order to get a seat in the TV room. I got inter- ested in science fiction from a few good movies like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) and Forbidden Planet (1956). 8 Altium Declines Autodesk's $3.9 Billion Offer E According to the overnight news- wires, soware giant Autodesk announced its intentions to acquire PCB design soware developer Altium. In a recent press release from PRNewswire, Autodesk "confirmed that it has submitted a non-binding proposal to acquire all outstand- ing shares of common stock of Altium Limited." 9 The Digital Layout: PCB Engineering on the Move E In this month's column, Kelly Dack examines the PCB engi- neering job outlook and evalu- ates the career moves we are making, while PCEA Chair- man Steph Chavez lists some important attributes in our personal develop- ment that will keep our edges sharp. J Planning and Communication— Key to Optimizing Your Design Time E How many times in our careers have we been asked, "Can we pull in the schedule?" and we can feel the hair on the back of our neck standing up on end. is type of question can be hard to hear simply because it is the wrong type of question. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Matt Stevenson Ruben Contreras Happy Holden Kelly Dack Chris Young

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