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DECEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 81 UK, and we are starting to affiliate with organi- zations in Australia and elsewhere. ey mesh with chapters in 11 states (so far) in the U.S., some of which (California, for one) have mul- tiple chapters. At this point, you might be asking what all this costs. e answer is: nothing. Individual membership in PCEA is free. Some chapters have plans to resume live meetings. Others remain virtual. Either way, PCEA meetings remain one of the most cost- effective ways to expand your professional net- work. Time and again, I hear from engineers that their opportunities for career advance- ment are limited, or their companies do not support outside training (or for that matter, inside training). While I believe that approach is short-sighted, aer 30 years in the indus- try, I have found the most successful folks are the ones who focus less on talking about how things should be and more on carving out a solution that works for them. PCEA meetings are exactly that solution. If you are interested in presenting to one of our chapters, please let me know. Until then, we wish all readers a warm holi- day season and the best for a healthy and pros- perous new year. DESIGN007 Mike Buetow is a director of the Printed Circuit Engineer- ing Association. To read past columns or contact him, click here. At this point, you might be asking what all this costs. The answer is: nothing. tions available on-demand. (More on that in a future issue.) In the meantime, here's a sampling of what members have been treated to: • Fundamentals of creating reliable PCBs • How dielectric and conductor properties can affect high-speed PCB design performance • PCB materials and their applications • Designing for RF: Tips and tricks from the PCB pros • Next gen line/space capability for PCB designs • An overview of via fill • Achieve optimal stackup design considering process and electrical performance • Microvias: Have you designed for reliability? • How fabrication processes determine DFM guidelines • e top five symbol and footprint mistakes that even professional engineers make • Signal integrity effects of different PCB structures • Artificial intelligence and machine learning basics and how it will affect PCB design • Addressing the challenges of multi-board design • Design and manufacturing developments to lower insertion loss and digital pair skew • Rigid-flex PCB design • Flex for 5G—why materials matter • Model-based soware design • Modelado y simulacion de fuentes commutadas (Modeling and simulation of switched fonts) No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. ose last two presentations are among those given at our chapters in Mexico, which are based in Monterrey and Nogales. Other chap- ters outside the U.S. are in Toronto and the

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