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22 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2022 How Can a Company Be Socially Responsible? CSR governance: One of the main starting points of a real CSR strategy within a com- pany is to define a CSR governance. Without real CSR governance, with a manager who reports directly to the CEO or the head com- mittee, nothing can be put in place in a sus- tainable way. Establishing internally a certain level of quality through certifications such as ISO (9001, 14001, 26000, etc.) or SA (8000), but also choosing to work only with partners who have done the same, is proof of a desire to achieve sustainable governance. Carry out a CSR analysis/diagnosis. Reviews of CSR initiatives within the company must be implemented on an ongoing basis to ensure perennial monitoring of the CSR strategy and actions. Identify the CSR risks. Identify the main CSR risks that a company may face such as non- respect for the environment, human rights, social conditions, or the presence of corrup- tion in certain sectors or countries. Identify stakeholders and recognize issues that affect them. e stakeholders are the shareholders, employees, customers, and sup- pliers, but also the business relationship with the local and national state institutions and standards. It is crucial to carry out an analysis of trends, business opportunities, and risks at the local and group level through certain tools such as a SWOT analysis. Define the right approach to respond to CSR risks while considering the expecta- tions of stakeholders. e CSR approach must be authentic and in line with the compa- ny's vision and values. Set SMART objectives. Define and measure SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and timebound) key performance indicators to make sure that the CSR strategy has a positive impact on the operations. Strongly involve employees in defining the strategy to strengthen internal support. Good communication is a must. Everyone at the company needs to understand the CSR strategy. We should constantly be asking for feedback from the employees and communi- cating on the results and the impact. What We Do at ICAPE Group Governance organization We have a CSR department and manager directly attached to the CEO. Within the group, there is a CSR committee oversee- ing the deployment of the CSR approach and reporting to the board of directors. Equity in hiring ere are, among the 600 employees of the group, 33 nationalities that enrich the culture and the expertise of ICAPE GROUP (in 2021). One of the crucial points of the group's CSR strategy is to put everything in place so that discrimination in hiring does not exist within the group. Dedicated sustainability audits of our partner factories in China We have a team of trained CSR auditors based in our service offices in China (in the Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces). We are in the process of organizing and carrying out sus- tainable development audits of our partner factories based on the ISO 26000 framework standard. Close monitoring of action plans has been put in place. Empowering women More than 50% of the staff are women. Gen- der parity on the Board of Directors is ensured and respected. EV stations A gradual transition to a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles is underway. We will gradu- ally equip all our offices with EV charging sta- tions; there are currently some in our French and German offices.

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