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28 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2023 Last week, my wife started a new sewing project that required a trip to the cra store for supplies, and she invited me to join her on this errand. is is not the first time I've faced this scenario: do I choose to follow her around the cra store pushing the miniature cart that will, by the time we get to the register, barely contain all her chosen fabrics and materials, or stay at home and watch TV? ankfully, b y thi s p o int in my life I've learned which is the right c h o i c e , s o w e hopped in the car and headed down t h e r o a d t o t h e cra store. I've been involv- ed in electronics f o r a v e r y l o n g time now, and I a m v e r y f a m i l - iar with the vari- ous manual and automated meth- o d s u s e d f o r PCB design, as well as the different tools and machinery used in their manufacturing. With this background, a simple project using nee- dle and thread should be a cakewalk for me, don't you think? So—somewhat arrogantly, I must confess—I figured that my wife would ultimately benefit from my experience and expertise when it came to putting her project together. Boy, do I feel like an idiot now. e first thing that caught my eye in the cra store was an aisle loaded with assorted tools, where I noticed a selection of cutting instru- ments. Now I've always called them "scissors," but here was my first lesson of the day: Do you have any idea just how many types of scissors a r e u s e d w h e n sewing? e type of scissors you'll n e e d i s d e p e n - dent on whether y o u a r e w o r k - i n g w i t h s m a l l fabr ics, embroi- der y, or double- cur ved embroi- dery. en there are dressmaker shear s, p ink ing shears, and tailor shears. But before we're done, you also need to know about snips, heavy duty shop snips, applique, and of course, general purpose scis- sors. It doesn't stop there. You also need to know when to use serrated blades, non-stick coating, what kind of grip is best, which brands Threading the Needle Through Advanced Packaging Tim's Takeaways Feature Column by Tim Haag, FIRST PAGE SAGE

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