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May 2014 • SMT Magazine 49 needed. Using a robust PCB manufacturing and assembly software suite, process setup and opti- mization can be performed and verified without impact to line time. Work-order management links qualified setups for execution for all processes, and then provides real-time monitoring and visibility of equipment performance, actively driving mate- rial logistics such as Lean "Just In Time" ma- terial management, and finally, captures and analyzes test results, providing expert assistance derived from the intelligence from the ODB++ data, for the correction of any failures. Overall, this process provides the ability to deliver prod- ucts created "right the first time," on time and cost-effectively. However, the process does not end when the product leaves the shop floor. No, this is a con- tinuum—information captured from each stage of the design-through-manufacturing flow can now be fed back into the previous steps. This improves the ability of the design analysis to model real-world fabrication and assembly ca- pabilities and constraints, thereby further re- ducing any unnecessary costs, producing more competitive products and processes. Therefore, my advice to business leaders today is to invest in new and emerging tech- nologies that can provide a comprehensive PCB design-through-manufacturing workflow, while delivering visibility at each stage for continuous improvement. This approach can help electron- ics companies meet their aggressive business goals and result in a positive impact on the bot- tom line. SmT vIeWPoInT PRoTECTING yoUR SUPPLy CHaIN FRom CoUNTERFEITS aND LIaBILITy continues CliCk To View Video Interview Michael ford of Mentor graph- ics discusses his IPC APeX eXPo poster presentation on counter- feit electronics. He points out the steps that oeMs and CeMs need to take to keep counter- feits out of their supply lines, and what companies can do to limit the damage when they do detect fake parts. Dealing With Counterfeit Components by Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2014 Dan Hoz is the general man- ager of Mentor graphics valor Division. He previously served as Ceo and principal accounting officer of valor Computerized Systems ltd., which was acquired by Mentor graphics Corporation in 2010.

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