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18 SMT Magazine • November 2015 from YouTube, go some way to limiting or stan- dardizing the range of different video formats to those which most popular viewers will play. Accessing information from the Internet is of- ten fraught with risk, requiring careful screen- ing and cross-referenced from several different sources. This same situation cannot be allowed to happen for the industrial IoT, where the ex- pectation is that information will be accurate and immediate so that it can be used as a part of critical business decision-making processes. The second component of the Internet is the provision of services. Rather than just a flow of information in one direction, services on the Internet allow people to do something, such as on-line banking and shopping. The informa- tion available on the Internet for these services to work, in contrast to general information, has to be absolutely accurate, up to date, and securely managed, for example, financial bank transactional records or a database of products and prices. Huge amounts of effort go into the maintenance of these services to ensure that they remain both accurate and available. This is much closer to the requirement for the in- dustrial IoT, both for data accuracy and the ex- pectation that the data will be used in real-time to provide visibility, feedback, and most impor- tantly, control throughout the production pro- cesses. Using data collected from the SMT shop- floor to influence and control many aspects of the flow of production has been a part of manu- facturing from the beginning. Data collection originally started with manual notes being tak- en by machine operators, which were combined and processed into reports to be reviewed at the weekly management meeting. The reports were used to make decisions related to corrections and adjustments to production for quality and delivery achievement, as well as being a crude report of productivity against target. With a de- esseNTIaL pIoNeer's survIvaL GuIDe THe SmT INTerNeT oF THINGS—bACK To bASICS The fact is that in a raw form, there is a massive amount of data related to events and status of processes and products on the pcb assembly shop-floor.

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