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54 SMT Magazine • December 2015 Las Marias: how do you best serve your member- ship? Bader: iNEMI's greatest advantage is the oppor- tunities we provide our members for collabora- tion. We have two primary areas of activities: technology roadmapping and collaborative R&D. Through our biennual roadmap, we look 10 years into the future to identify the key is- sues and challenges for various market segments as well as technology sectors. We then con- duct gap analyses to define research priorities and form collaborative projects in these areas. With more than 20 years of experience, iNEMI has developed a well-proven methodology for managing collaborative R&D. Our projects give members the opportunity to work with many of their peers in the supply chain to address some of the tough challenges that one company can- not solve on its own. Las Marias: how much does membership cost? Bader: There are two types of membership: Par- ticipating Members (for-profit organizations) and Affiliate Members (non-profit organiza- tions). Annual membership fees for Participat- ing Members are based on annual sales, and range (in U.S. dollars) from $5,000 (for up to $5 million in sales), to $75,000 (for $15+ billion in sales). Government agencies and laboratories as well as research institutions pay $10,000, and university membership is $5,000. Las Marias: explain how membership is worth the cost. Bader: The collaborative nature of iNEMI's initiatives means that the dollars invested in membership are significantly multiplied. By le- veraging the efforts and resources of multiple participants, iNEMI reduces the risk and cost to any one organization. There is also reduced cost of implementing new technologies, along with reduced risk of technology introduction; devel- opment of industry infrastructure (i.e., a source of supply); and ensuring reliability and technol- ogy readiness when required. Our efforts often result in improved yields and in improved field failure rates, both of which have a dramatic ef- fect on manufacturing costs. For suppliers, iN- EMI offers a great opportunity to have their service offerings evaluated by some of the best end users in the industry, thus offering wonder- ful business opportunities. For universities the exposure and partnership with industry is key to their delivering highly valued research and academic offerings. iNEMI membership also provides the critical mass required to effect significant changes, such as setting direction for future technologies, in- fluencing the supply base to develop solutions that will support product roadmap needs, and driving standardization to reduce cost and com- plexity. Las Marias: What resources are most important to inemi members? Bader: The technology roadmap can be invalu- able as a tool to guide investments in dollars and resources at member firms. Understanding market and technology direction is key to mak- ing the right investments and the iNEMI road- map enables smart choices. We have member testimonials to that effect. bill bader, CEo, international Electronics Manu- facturing initiative (inEMi). FeATure inTerview InemI: LeADInG THe WAy To SUcceSSFUL eLecTronIcS mAnUFAcTUrInG

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