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October 2016 • The PCB Design Magazine 71 5 The Fundamentals of Improving PCB Thermal Design Continental's automobile engineers have years of experience building criti- cal parts and systems for automobiles. Making sure that automotive electron- ics are reliable, safe, and properly designed begins at the component level. Heat must be addressed early in the design pro- cess for these goals to be achieved. The most im- portant thermal resistance for heat, outside the IC package, is the PCB. 6 Mentor's SystemVision Improves Siemens Building Tech's Worldwide Flow Siemens Building Technologies has deployed Men- tor's SystemVi- sion product with Siemens PCB design teams around the world, providing an upfront, mecha- tronic simulation environment and a qualified, central library for the Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise PCB design flow. Early simulation using the SystemVision tool allows designers to make design decisions regarding component tradeoffs, find design mistakes, and verify their designs be- fore PCB layout. 7 Mike Creeden: Care and Training of Your Designers The I-Connect007 team recent- ly visited San Diego PCB Inc. and received a warm welcome from CEO Mike Creeden and his youthful-looking (relatively speaking) team of designers. Creeden spoke with Barry Mat- ties and Judy Warner about what it takes to run a successful design service center, how to properly care for the PCB designers of today and tomorrow, and why IPC's design training is paramount when training a new designer. 8 PCB West Attendance up 3% YOY PCB West show attendance rose 3% year-over- year, to nearly 2,000 attendees. This marks the annual PCB industry trade show's highest turnout since 2001. Registration for the 25th annual show was up 6% from 2015 registrants. 9 Beyond Design: How to Handle the Dreaded Danglers, Part 1 Dangling via stubs can distort signals passing through your interconnect, and decrease the usable bandwidth of the signal. A via stub acts as a transmission line antenna, and has a reso- nant frequency determined by the quarter wavelength of the structure. At this frequency, the transmitted signal is greatly attenuated, by up to 3dB. J Zuken USA Announces Dates for Zuken Innovation World 2017 Zuken Innovation World (ZIW) Americas 2017 will take place April 24-26, 2017 at the Hilton Head Marriott Resort & Spa in Hilton Head Island, SC. The annual event includes Zuken Uni- versity classes, Expert Bar and a Technology Show- case on April 26. for the latest circuit design news and information—anywhere, anytime.

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