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44 The PCB Magazine • May 2017 nesses. I created Dibble Leaders as a consult- ing and training company that addressed the two equally important halves of the integrat- ed whole we call systems-based leadership— systems optimization and systems thinking in leadership. Dan: I like that. I agree that those systems, al- though useful, are not the complete solution. So, you saw a need and filled it. Were there many chal- lenges in getting started? David: Oh my, yes! First, the tools used for sys- tems optimization are often difficult to use for non-technical people. I'd watch frontline work- ers' eyes glaze over when teaching even ele- mentary SPC [statistical process control] tools. I spent almost two years reworking these tools to make them easy to use for almost anyone— even those for whom English was a second lan- guage. An even bigger challenge was finding leaders willing to grow beyond whatever thinking was creating the problems their company was fac- ing. Einstein reminds us that we can't solve our problems with the same level of thinking used to create them. It's amazing how many leaders unconsciously keep doing the same things over and over while expecting a different result. Dan: I agree completely. The hardest thing for peo- ple to accept is change. I must give you kudos if you have been able to get people to change, espe- cially in our business where there seems to be a cul- ture that believes "If we do the same thing we did in 1987, it will eventually work in 2017." David, please tell us about the company. David: We do systems-based consulting and systems-based training. On the consulting side, we normally do an assessment to tell us where the company will get the greatest ROI in doing systems-optimization work. Then, with leadership, we put an implementation plan together and implement the plan. On the training side, we provide a wide range of systems-based trainings including but not limited to: large group strategic planning, sys - tems-based leadership and management, sys- tems optimization for the frontlines, rapid de- ployment systems, and tools and implemen- tation. I also do keynote speaking, usually on systems-based leadership, including "The Four Agreements at Work," conscious leadership/ systems thinking, the future of business, and similar topics. Dan: Yes, I saw that on your website. What exactly are the Four Agreements? David: The original Four Agreements were created by Miguel Ruiz and introduced to the public in his worldwide best seller, The Four Agreements. I studied with Miguel for eight years and learned how the Four Agreements might be introduced to the workplace. Companies that integrated these Four Agreements into their cultures created much value. The original Four Agreements are: • Be Impeccable with Your Word • Don't Take Anything Personally • Don't Make Assumptions • Always Do Your Best However, I quickly found that the Four Agreements were not enough to sustainably improve results being produced in an organi- zation. Systems optimization and other piec- es had to be added. The needed pieces are en- capsulated in my Four New Agreements for the Workplace: • Find Your Purpose • Be a Servant Leader • Be a Systems Thinker • Practice a Little Every Day DAVID DIBBLE ON THE HIRING PROCESS: GETTING THE MOST FROM SYSTEMS EXCELLENCE

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