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30 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2018 months until we bring it to mar- ket in the United States. SAP, verti- cal high-density, very small line and space capabilities with blind via fill and ultra-high aspect ratio. So this is something we're working on to- gether. Goldman: You barely got this other project running, and you're off onto the next one. Stepinski: This was always part of the plan from the beginning. It was just that this was the next case. Dreiza: Just as Alex said, this is still a very ear- ly stage in that process, but I might add some- thing from my perspective. Atotech normally builds and typically provides a lot of attention to horizontal processing. Our equipment that we manufacture is really for horizontal pro- cessing, but when it comes to chemistry, even though we do provide those sorts of combined equipment and chemistry systems in horizon- tal, in vertical such as what Alex is describ- ing now, we also are quite open to providing chemistry for vertical processes. We have an entire suite of chemistry for vertical processes, be they vertical conveyorized or vertical hoist- type plating systems. What I think Alex is alluding to here is that we are also willing to partner and try to find a solution, maybe one that doesn't even ex- ist today, that would be able to do some of these, I would say, futur- istic or forward-looking challenges such as the 50:1 aspect ratio. It is early in the project, and we are part- nering with Alex to check that we are driving towards that goal. Schmidt: Let me add to this by saying that an aspect ratio of 50:1 is pretty high, not to say ex- ceptionally so. But while exceptional and cer- tainly challenging, it doesn't mean that plating reliably into such holes is impossible. If you would ask me, this is how I would de- scribe you, Alex. You have very interesting, vi- sionary, and challenging ideas, and you always choose the best to cooperate with to reach your goal, which is impressive and makes you a great achiever. We are early in this project and we are working hard to push this forward to- gether with Alex. We are ready for sampling of boards coming with this very high-aspect ratio criteria. Of course, it all requires a good quali- ty PTH process prior to the plating step, which is the challenge here too. Goldman: Gentlemen, thank you so much for your time. Schmidt: Same here. Thank you for having us. Dreiza: Absolutely. Matties: And thanks to you, Alex, and to your team for being so open and sharing what you're doing at GreenSource. It's good for the industry and good for the world. Stepinski: Thank you everyone. PCB007 References 1. Whelen Reduces Cycle Time by Building a New Automated PCB Factory, The PCB Magazine, October 2015. Daniel Schmidt Figure 5: Back side of the lines showing pumping system and dosing tanks.

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