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MARCH 2018 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 83 5 EIPC's 2018 Winter Conference in Lyon, Review of Day 1 E Venue for the 2018 EIPC Winter Confer- ence was the splen- did new Alstom Trans- port Information So- lutions facility in Vil- leurbanne, in the Lyon metropolitan area of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in Eastern France. An extremely popular event—117 del- egates represented a total of 20 countries, un- precedented in recent years. 6 The Best It's Ever Been, Every Year: The Goal for IPC, Part 1 E The end of 2017 caps an ex- citing time for IPC and IPC China as membership has grown substantially, in part because of new offerings from the organization to its Asian members. Meeting with Barry Matties at HKPCA, John Mitchell and Phil Carmichael discuss the areas of focus for IPC in the upcoming year, first and fore- most being education and welcoming a new generation into the industry. 7 Solder Limits: Updates for the Age of Surface Mount E Solder limits are one of the fundamental parame- ters used when evaluating the PCB, solder resists, and metal-clad base materials for safety under the UL Rec- ognition programme. 8 All About Flex: Copper Thickness Requirements for Flex Circuits E An end user will specify the copper thickness of a printed circuit for different reasons. The most obvious reason would be for current-car- rying capacity, but copper thickness also di- rectly impacts thermal performance and im- pedance. All these are vital properties impact- ing the functionality and reliability of a flexi- ble circuit. 9 CircuitData: Creating an Open Source Language for PCB Data Exchange E I recently had the opportu- nity to speak with Elmatica CTO Andreas Lydersen on a subject of great interest to him and his supply chain, namely CircuitData. This open source language prom- ises to greatly improve com- munication of details that can often be misin- terpreted due to the differences in terminology used throughout the supply chain. J Willy Wonka: The Lean Case Study E No matter where my trav- els take me, I hear a wide and limitless supply of ex- cuses for why Lean will not work in "my" orga- nization. One of my fa- vorite ways of illustrat- ing that Lean will indeed work anywhere is to take a Lean look at a very unlikely organization, Willy Wonka's Choco- late Factory. For the Latest PCB News and Information, Visit: PCB007.com

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