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50 I-CONNECT007 I SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE 2018 Goldman: What were your thoughts when you were notified of your Rising Star Award? Goutorbe: First it was a surprise for me and then I was very pleased to see that my con- tribution was recognized by the IPC interna- tional staff. It is confirming that our specific needs for the space industry might also be interesting for others. I have been using IPC standards since the beginning of my profes - sional activity in the PCB industry in 1993; I was able to gain a lot of knowledge using IPC documents and now I am a contributor for improving them. Goldman: Do you feel an increased commitment to IPC standards/specifications since you have received this award? Will it encourage you to get more involved? Goutorbe: Of course, this recognition is confirm- ing to me that I can continue to be involved in the IPC standards activity and there is a real value for our business to get the standard in line with our needs. I will continue my involve- ment but being in Europe does not allow for easy availability for all the meetings that are mainly based in the U.S. Goldman: Pierre, thank you very much for talk- ing with me and again, congratulations and best wishes. Goutorbe: Thank you, Patty. S&T IPC Committee Awards IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries presented Committee Leadership, Distinguished Committee Service, and Special Recognition Awards at IPC APEX EXPO 2018 at the San Diego Convention Center. The awards were presented to individuals who made significant contributions to IPC and the industry by lending their time and expertise through IPC committee service. More than 300 awards were presented. Click here to see the full list. This year, two papers were selected in the honor- able mention category. Honorable mention went to, "Derivation of Equation on Thermal Life Prediction of Plated Through-Hole for Printed Wiring Board" by Yoshiyuki Hiroshima, Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Limited. His co-authors were: Shunichi Kikuchi and Akiko Matsui, Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Limited; Yoshiharu Kariya and Kazuki Watanabe, Shibaura Institute of Technology; Hiroshi Shimizu, Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.; and Jack Tan, HDP User Group International, Inc. Honorable mention also went to "Bottom Heating during Manual Rework" by Lars Bruno, Ericsson AB. Technical Paper Honorable Mentions

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