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SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE 2018 I I-CONNECT007 67 In addition to the excess jobs available, Mitchell cited studies that showed China, the EU, and the United States either already do have or are projected to have tens of mil- lions of unemployed or underemployed people by 2020 (Figure 2). He also emphasized data surrounding millennials and women and the important role they will play in the success of the workplace. Some of the "what needs to happen" actions that Mitchell highlighted included smarter training systems that leverage existing skills, continual learning and new skills development, personal and systematic information man- agement, and creating a work environment that will be attractive to those two important employee segments: millennials and women. He showed available tools and research-backed actions that promise to make great impacts in these areas. As to exactly "how" to go about educating such a diverse group with diverse needs com- ing from diverse backgrounds, Mitchell shared a range of solutions that included utilizing traditional school and ad hoc "in-house" edu- cation, online training and certification, and apprenticeships. He explored the strengths and weaknesses of each of these avenues for educating one's workforce. Some of these solu- tions take a long time to implement, while oth- ers have immediate return on the investment. Finally, as to "who" should be acting on this information, Mitchell concluded by highlight- ing three categories of "who"–individuals, gov- ernments, and businesses–and the responsibil- ity each should take. Individuals need to have the desire to learn or all other efforts will be for naught. Governments need to be willing to overhaul antiquated and broken systems–even at the risk of temporary job loss. Companies need to look at what they are offering to attract women and millennials to their workplace and make it a priority to invest in the best capitol they have–their people. S&T Figure 2: Chinese unemployment rates PowerPoint slide.

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