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SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE 2018 I I-CONNECT007 71 very quickly. We will hopefully get some good press and can reach out to other area schools. Goldman: How big do you think this program could be? How many kids do you think you can handle in a day? Jaster: Can you ask me at the end of the day? (Laughs) Barry Matties: What is your expectation from this? Jaster: I want them to get excited about the electronics industry. Matties: Great. What do you have planned for them today toward that end? Jaster: The first thing will be a welcome from John Mitchell. We have some wonderful sponsors, so we are donating $1,000 to each school's STEM program in their names and we'll do the presentation of the checks. Then Dave Bergman is going to do something that we call "How to Make a Printed Circuit Assem- bly Out of Common Household Items." He is using peanut butter and jelly and will get them to understand the whole process. Then we're going to take them down to the show floor to see the machines in action. After lunch, we're holding a panel discussion to give the students an opportunity to ask questions. One of the things I want to stress here is for these kids to understand that it's the electronics industry, but you can have a lot of different degrees and jobs. It's not just that you've got to be an elec- trical engineer. Goldman: There are so many different things to do. Jaster: Right. I mean, they all know about electronics because they all have phones and video games, etc. We just want to get them excited about the industry so that they might form an interest in working in it someday. It's meant to get them excited about electronics and STEM activities and programs. Goldman: Sounds great. Matties: Well, thanks for doing this. This is wonderful. Jaster: I'm thrilled. When I saw them come up, I panicked. All of a sudden it was so real and I'm so afraid of losing one of them.

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