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72 I-CONNECT007 I SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE 2018 Goldman: Especially on the show floor. It would be so easy to do. Jaster: That's what I fear. Somebody's going to wander off to look at some equipment way over there. Goldman: Well, they are high school kids so they should be somewhat capable. Matties: And we have RFID on all of them. (Laughs) Is there anything that we haven't talked about you think we should be sharing about this? Jaster: I'd love to talk to you afterwards to let you know it went. Eventually we would like to expand it to other schools. We'd love to get into schools that maybe don't have as good of an endowment like Canyon Crest does. Goldman: Is this a way to get more schools to start STEM programs, perhaps? Jaster: Maybe. That's another aspect of it. Let's show them what they can do and that this is something cool. Our organization may be able to get shop tours planned for other schools. Because, unfortunately, it's a great opportunity for San Diego but we'd like to get beyond San Diego. Goldman: How to get it to go beyond San Diego is something to think about. Matties: It will be interesting to catch up with you afterwards. Thank you. Jaster: Thank you. After the show, I-Connect007 caught up with Nancy for an update on the STEM Outreach program. Goldman: Now that the students have left, what are your thoughts on how the STEM Outreach program went today? Jaster: The program went very well. The min- ute I took my tour group on the show floor I heard gasps. They hadn't realized how many machines and processes it took to make elec- tronics. The kids were enthralled with all they saw. One of our sponsors said it best when he commented, "Look at their faces! This is why we do this because it gets them interested in our industry. I may be looking at a future employee or customer." The biggest problem we had on the tour was getting the kids to the next demo. Neither the kids or the sponsors wanted the experience to end. The kids asked great questions and were so curious and the adults loved chatting with them. I can't thank our sponsors enough—ASM, Panasonic, Mycronic, and Nordson—for mak- ing this program a reality. I would love to get more sponsors for next year so we can expand the experience. I'm not sure how large we can grow the program, but I know based on how positive the experience was for everyone we need to continue the program. One young lady said to me as she was leaving, "Can we come back next year?" That's when I knew this pro- gram was a success. S&T Alicia Balonek, IPC's senior director of trade shows and events, holding the STEM Outreach program T-shirt.

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