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88 I-CONNECT007 I SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE 2018 still involved in the industry in different ways. Perhaps there were a bunch of PCB industry dinosaurs out there. I decided to start a social group of us dino- saurs and the Order of the PCB Dinosaurs was announced in 2000 in my Fein-Lines column in CircuiTree Magazine (now also an extinct dinosaur), in which I interviewed Bernie. The response was immediate, and many prospec- tive dinosaurs contacted me with requests for entry and ideas on expansion. At the next IPC EXPO, Bernie, Gene Weiner, Jim Hick- man and other dinosaurs dis- cussed the concept in more detail. It seems that there were more of us out there than we had realized. We decided that the definition of a PCB Dinosaur is someone who has been in the PCB industry for 25 years or more, is 50 years or older, (there were a very few exceptions, but you will have to decide for yourselves who they are) and working in a dif- ferent position than when he or she originally started in the industry. A true "PCB Dino" has been involved in the IPC or other interna- tionally recognized PCB industry associations (JPCA, PCIF, etc.) for many of those years. They should still be involved in the industry and be well-known for not only what they accomplished during the early part of their careers, but also for what they are doing now. A true PCB Dino is still active in the industry. Of course, we realized that (real) dinosaurs are extinct—and we will all be extinct at some time—but while they were around, the original dinosaurs truly ruled the landscape. Thus, the similarity between the original and the modern PCB version. Acceptance into the order of the PCB Dino- saurs was purely subjective, with membership originally granted either by Dan Feinberg and/ or Bernie Kessler with a dino pin awarded at an industry event. Over the years we granted PCB Dino membership to a growing number, but as the years went on, interest waned as we all moved on in new careers (it seems that most dinos failed 'Retirement 101'). However, you could still see dinos proudly wearing their pin at industry events. Last year at APEX EXPO, I was asked by Edi- tor Patty Goldman why I no longer wore my pin, and I explained that I had lost it! It seems that I was not the only one, so I committed to a slight redesign and had more pins made. This year I wore my new pin and I gave new pins to others who needed them. Patty reminded me that in the last decade, there were many new dinos who had never been honored, so we decided to start inviting the next genera- tion of dinos into the fold. The result: interest was high and we ran out of pins. More pins are on order and I now have I-Connect007 as a new partner in restarting the Order of the PCB Dinosaurs. If you feel that you meet the criteria to be a dino, please con- tact us. If you are already a dino but need a new pin, find us at an industry show or event. If you want to see the original Order of the PWB Dinosaurs list, you can visit the page from my website. The list will soon be updated to include the new members and provide updates. For now, it's just a fun thing; we will see what happens. If this takes off again, remember that the PCB Dinosaur renaissance took root at IPC APEX EXPO 2018. S&T

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