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26 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2018 Wischnack: The wireless technology is not the big issue because normally you get a quite clean spectrum from this and frequencies are not disturbing each other. The bigger prob- lem is if you have these high-speed systems, display systems, they give you this EMC fog, which is very broadband, and you cannot con- trol it, and this gives a bad interference. Nowa- days we have the new modulation technolo- gies, DAD, and so on, so if you just have one peak from one system it doesn't hurt you. It just gets filtered out, but on the analog side it's very bad. Matties: Now when you look at automobiles today, they're just rolling computers. The amount of electronics they contain is incred- ible. Wischnack: Yeah, I think you can say it's a computing center with four wheels. Matties: And our phone is no longer a phone. Wischnack: Right, that's the same. And people always try to get more comfort electronics, everything they're used to having at home they try to have in the car. I remember very well when the iPod came along. Everybody wanted to have it in the car and needed a special iPod connector. And now, no one's talking anymore about this iPod connector, but in cars they're still present. So maybe sometimes it's good to think: What is the valuable part? Is it the iPod or the car in the end? Matties: When you're designing for the auto- mobile industry, what's your greatest chal- lenge? Wischnack: I think it's the automobile indus- try itself because it's sometimes blocked by non-dynamic processes; everything must be approved and validated and so on, and the cre- ativity is missing. If you want to do something the right way, sometimes you must leave the processes and go a little bit next off the beaten path. And to convince people just to leave the beaten path and do something that's not very common. That's a very challenging thing. It's not the technological side, that is straight- forward, but getting things done is sometimes very hard. Matties: In terms of the actual manufacturing onboard electronics that you had some refer- Thomas Wischnack presenting his keynote: "The PCB Doctor: Diagnose and Treat Common Design Challenges" at AltiumLive in Munich, Germany.

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