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50 PCB007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2018 Scientists Unlock Signal Frequency Control of Precision Atom Qubits E Australian scientists have achieved a new mile- stone in their approach to creating a quantum computer chip in silicon, demonstrating the ability to tune the control frequency of a qubit by engineering its atomic configuration. Bacteria-Powered Solar Cell Converts Light to Energy, Even Under Overcast Skies E UBC researchers have found a cheap, sustain- able way to build a solar cell using bacteria that convert light to energy. This innovation could be a step toward wider adoption of so- lar power in places like British Columbia and parts of northern Europe where overcast skies are common. Flexible Hybrid Electronics: NextFlex Awards $12M E NextFlex has announced funding for seven projects, fueling development of FHE proj- ects that include epidermal sensors for robotic knees, a sensor network to monitor and com- municate the status of industrial systems and infrastructure, and more. Ecology and AI E It's poised to transform fields from earthquake prediction to cancer detection to self-driving cars, and now scientists are unleashing the power of deep learning on a new field: ecology. A team of researchers demonstrated that the artificial intel - ligence technique can be used to identify animal images captured by motion-sensing cameras. Electron Spectrometer Deciphers Quantum Mechanical Effects E Electronic circuits are miniaturized to such an extent that quantum mechanical effects become noticeable. Using photoelectron spectrometers, physicists and material developers can discov- er more about such electron-based processes. Traditional PC Market Grows 2.7% in Q2 of 2018 E The second quarter of 2018 (2Q18) showed shipments of traditional PCs (desktop, note- book, and workstation) totaled 62.3 million units, recording solid year-on-year growth of 2.7%, according to the International Data Cor- poration (IDC). The results exceeded forecast of 0.3% and marks the strongest year-on-year growth rate in more than six years. 'Elegant' Design Could Lead to More Powerful, Safer Lithium Metal Battery E If the dendrite breaks through the separator and reaches the cathode, short-circuiting and fire can occur. Solid electrolytes have been shown to suppress dendrite growth mechani- cally, but at the expense of fast ion transport. Quantum Computer Becoming Reality E A billion-dollar research effort will make Swe- den a world leader in quantum technology. Chalmers researchers have begun work on de- veloping a quantum computer with far great- er computational power than today's best su- per computers. Engineers Develop Efficient Semiconductor Material for Thermal Management E Working to address "hotspots" in computer chips that degrade their performance, UCLA engineers have developed a new semiconduc- tor material, defect-free boron arsenide, that draws heat away from hotspots much fast- er than current materials, which could lead to dramatic improvements in computer chip per- formance and energy efficiency.

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