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58 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2018 All 3D package models in this article were auto-generated by the free Library Expert Pro using package dimensions provided by the component manufacturer datasheet. DESIGN007 Tom Hausherr CID+, CIT, is president of PCB Libraries. Figure 21: Header, Right Angle (HDRRA). Figure 22: Pin Grid Array (PGA). A team of international scientists including Maia G. Vergniory, Ikerbasque researcher at DIPC and UPV/EHU associate, have discovered a new class of materials: higher-order topological insulators. According to theoretical studies, the conducting edges are extraordinarily robust for higher- order topological insulators: the cur- rent of topological electrons cannot be stopped by impurities and if the crystal breaks, the new edges automatically also conduct current. However, the most extraordinary property of these new materials is that they can in the- ory conduct electricity without any dissipation as superconductors do at low temperatures. This would be a spe- cific property of higher-order class topological insulators. Now, thanks to a wider scientific collaboration where scientists from Paris-Sud University and CNRS were also involved, it has been confirmed that bismuth, an element consistently described as bulk topologically trivial, fol- lows a generalized bulk-boundary cor- respondence of higher-order, that is, hinges host topologically protected conducting modes instead of the sur- face of the crystal. Finally, this work establishes bis- muth as a higher-order topological insulator and opens the way to identify new ones. (Source: University of the Basque Country) Bismuth Shows Novel Conducting Properties

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