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SEPTEMBER 2018 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 75 5 Zuken and Polar Instruments Collaborate to Achieve Design Consistency E CR-8000 Design Force users can now exchange pre-layout stackup designs seamlessly with Polar's Speedstack for IC Packaging and PCB design. The stackup can be validated in Zuken's DFM Center before release to manufacturing. 6 The Impact of PCB Dielectric Thickness on Signal Crosstalk E This article studies the impact of dielectric thick- ness on crosstalk for trans- mission lines in single- ended and differential mode on outer (microstrip) and inner (stripline) PCB lay- ers. Crosstalk analysis is performed in 2D simulation and S-parameters are subsequently observed. 7 BGA Fanout Routing Overview E PCB developers are deluged with new chal- lenges caused by increasing density and smaller components. Ball grid arrays (BGAs) create particular challenges during layout, with hundreds of connections in just a few square centimeters. Fortunately, designers now have options for addressing these issues. 8 Occam Prize Competition for Electronic Design Now Accepting Entries E The first annual Occam Prize International Design Competition has begun accepting reg- istrations from circuit designers from around the world. Cash prizes totaling $5,000 will be awarded to top designers in the inaugural year of the planned annual competition. 9 In With the New at Cadence E For our issue on the disappear- ing designer, I recently inter- viewed Cadence's Dan Fern- sebner, a veteran EDA guy, and Bryan LaPointe, who repre- sents the younger generation. They discussed the next generation of PCB designers, some of the best ways to draw smart young people into this industry, and why the PCB designers of the future may need to have a college degree just to get an interview. J Beyond Design: It's a Material World E Years ago, when clock fre- quencies were low and sig- nal rise times were slow, selecting a dielectric mate- rial for your PCB was not dif- ficult; we all just used FR-4. And we didn't really care about the properties of the materials. How- ever, with today's multi-gigabit designs and their extremely fast rise times and tight mar- gins, precise material selection is crucial to the performance of the product. for the latest circuit design news and information—anywhere, anytime.

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