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36 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 Strengthening the Joint with a Revolutionary New Low-Temp Solder Paste E I-Connect007 Editor Patty Goldman inter- views one of Alpha Assembly Solution's solder process experts, Traian Cucu, who has played a key role in the development of Alpha's innova- tion new low-temperature solder paste process. KYZEN: Cleaning with Data E In an interview with I-Connect007, Tom Forsythe, executive vice president for KYZEN, provides an update on KYZEN Analyst and describes how it has evolved into an Internet 4.0 solution with the ability to increase perfor- mance and life of the chemistry. Inspection and Design for Testability E Matthias Müller of Goepel electronic talks about test and inspection technologies in the automo- tive industry, design for testing (DFT), and the benefits technologists can gain from DFT. A New Standard for Standards — From Data to Information E The main challenge we have today with our manufacturing standards is that they are deter- ministic, such as the 30% maximum void per ball for X-ray inspection of BGAs—which determines if a BGA assembly passes or fails. This article proposes a new perspective on setting pass and fail thresholds in the manufacturing line. iNEMI White Paper: Mitigating Creep Corrosion with Effective Test E The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) has published a white paper, "A Cost-Effective & Convenient Approach to Creep Corrosion Testing," that details how the iNEMI qualification test development for creep corrosion project created a qualification test to determine whether PCB assemblies are likely to develop creep corrosion. MIRTEC Enters Tech Collaboration Agreement with YXLON and The Comet Group E MIRTEC has entered into a technical collabo- ration agreement with YXLON, a company of the Comet Group, to explore and expand upon synergistic applications within the SMT elec- tronics manufacturing industry. Alpha Assembly Solutions Wins Two Awards at SMTA China South 2018 E Alpha Assembly Solutions received two awards— "The Best Presentation of Technology Confer- ence One" and "SMTA China Oscar Paper 2018"—at 2018 SMTA China South Conference. BEST Releases Electronics Component ID Poster E BEST Inc. has released a new teaching tool for soldering instructors—the BEST Inc. compo- nent identification poster. Electrolube's UK and India Operations Collaborate to Develop 12 New Resins E Technical experts from Electrolube's UK and India operations have worked closely to create the new resin products, strategically placed to meet the demands of local manufacturers and the requirements of the Indian government's National Policy on Electronics. Mycronic Forms Learning Center with NuFlare and D2S Using NVIDIA Tech E Mycronic together with NuFlare Technology and D2S with support from NVIDIA, today announced the formation of the Center for Deep Learning in Electronics Manufacturing (CDLe) in San Jose, California.

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