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24 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 Feature interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 Whelen Engineering's board shop, Green- Source Fabrication, is set to go commercial at the end of the year. But GreenSource Vice President Alex Stepinski has set his sights high from the start. The Charlestown, New Hampshire, facility may be the board shop of the future. Green- Source is the first new captive shop in America in decades and one of the first waste-free board shops as well. It's almost a "no-touch" opera- tion. The CAM engineers all work remotely, and they can launch a job without ever enter- ing the facility. I spoke with JanNell Taylor and Andy Schil- loff, who work at the CAM office in New York. We discussed what it's like working for a com- pany that plays by its own rules, and what the front-end engineers are doing to get ready for the day that GreenSource officially goes com- mercial. Andy Shaughnessy: JanNell, can you and Andy give us a little background about your- selves? JanNell Taylor: Sure. I am currently the global product engineering manager for GreenSource Fabrication. I've been in the PCB industry since 1972. My last employer was Sanmina, and I was there for almost 20 years. I was the front-end engineering manager for the past seven years I spent there. Shaughnessy: Did you knew Alex Stepinski when you were with Sanmina? Taylor: I actually worked for Alex. That's how I was brought into this project when he first opened Whelen. Andy Schilloff: I also have prior experience working with Alex at the new product intro- duction (NPI) group at Sanmina a little over 10 years ago. At GreenSource, Lean and Green Starts on the Front End

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