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78 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 1 AltiumLive 2018 a Mecca for PCB Designers E The event took place in San Diego, California at the Lowes Coronado Bay Resort. Located right on the water, the venue was perfect. The attendees were pro- vided excellent meals throughout the entire event and the views were spectacular. 2 Tim's Takeaways: Contract Positions—Go the Extra Mile E For newbies just entering the industry or experienced design- ers who have always worked for a corporation, the transition to contractor can be a culture shock. The allure of working from home and setting your own hours can quickly be replaced by the realities of chas- ing jobs. However, there are some wonderful aspects of working as a contractor. 3 Artificial Intelligence: The Future of EDA? E Artificial intelligence has been making inroads into a variety of industries in the past decade or so, from automobiles to medical devices. Natu- rally, EDA tool companies are taking a look at AI. I recently interviewed Paul Musto, director of marketing for the Board Systems Division of Mentor, about Mentor's plans for integrating AI into EDA tools, and why we may be at the very beginning of understanding the pros and cons of this new technology. 4 Mark Thompson of Prototron Circuits Publishes Book on Producing the Perfect Data Package E Mark Thompson, engineering sup- port and CID+ at Prototron Circuits, sees thousands of data packages each year. Dan Beaulieu recently sat down with Thompson to find out more about his new book and discuss the quest for the perfect data package. Recent Highlights from Design007

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