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30 PCB007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2019 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Wayne Antal, a key account manager with NCAB Group, discusses sales strategies that NCAB has found to be successful in the cur- rent market in part two of our conversation. Last month, PCB007 Magazine published part one of this conversation on supply chain is- sues. Nolan Johnson: Today, I'm speaking with Wayne Antal from NCAB. Wayne, could you introduce yourself and describe what NCAB is doing in the industry? Wayne Antal: I've been with NCAB Group for about five years now. My industry experience goes back into the '80s just coming out of high school. I joined the military to start electron- ics training. After getting out of the military, I started working for various contract manufac- turers and OEM companies. Before, I worked with CMs mostly as a program manager, and then in the last five years, I've gone to circuit boards only at NCAB. My time with NCAB being a key manager is an outside sales posi- tion, but I don't consider myself a prototypical salesperson; I'm more of a problem solver. The circuit board is the key component towards any electronics build; it's the platform that ev- erything starts and moves forward from. From that standpoint, finding out what the custom- er's needs are is the main avenue we use to create a value-add within our customer base, and maybe it will pick me up some new cus- tomers. Johnson: NCAB has seen a lot of success lately. Antal: That's right. We've unlocked success. Our best customers are the most informed cus- tomers who know what they're looking for, es- pecially the newer customers that I have; they come to me knowing what they want, what our capabilities are, and they understand what the value-add is, which are always the best customers to have. A lot of the more recent customers I've picked up have done their homework and said, "We know NCAB. We've looked at it and want you to come in. We want to trans- fer it." The last customer I picked up wanted to transfer their business to me in mass—the whole quantity. They had to step into us and ramp us up to what their requirements were, but they sought me out specifically. I came from the upstate New York region in Endicott. My name was known there, so this latest cus- tomer I picked up is from upstate New York as well. They knew of me and did their home- work on NCAB, and I've been there several times to explain what our further value-add statement is. NCAB Group Builds Sales On Relationships and Expertise

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