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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 81 tomers from the military and medical indus- tries. They want information and data; that's the first thing they usually say. So, if we can provide a set of data, that will definitely be an advantage. Ryan Dai Senior software engineer, Test Research Inc. First, I'm in R&D and am actually writing for a different standard. In our company, another R&D person is responsible for CFX but he couldn't be here for now. Our company would like to participate in both CFX and Hermes because we think it's more like a trend. When we want to reach Industry 4.0, maybe we should give more information between each machine or in the server, so that we can cor- rect it, and it becomes more automatic. I think we wanted to join this protocol because we want to achieve Industry 4.0 as well. I think it's more cooperative than competi- tive right now. We've cooperated with both sides together and had a very good experi- ence. And I think it's better for Industry 4.0; we should achieve this goal together. Which brand of which machine should be decided by our own client, but if the clients decide to buy local machines and we can attune CFX and Hermes together, I think that's important for us to cooperate with each other. Juan Briceño Sales manager, Americas, Viscom AG What we get out of CFX is the interoperabil- ity. We see the machine-to-machine interoper- ability regardless of brand as an important part of their business and making sure we can play in an environment. We see this as something that we need to do to be a part of where the industry and equipment are going. We need to play well together with everybody. Scott Thompson Site support manager, Yamaha The Japanese JARA standard will primarily be our standard. CFX will be supported for our international work, and most of our work with CFX is being driven by customer demand. S&T

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