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38 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2019 Better to Light a Candle: Chapter One— Prepping the Next Generation E There has been a considerable amount of (elec- tronic) ink and words shared in our industry bemoaning the graying-out of our industry and the growing shortage of skilled people at all levels. (See the May 2017 PCB007 Magazine column "Help Wanted—and How!" for just one example). As is usually the case, though, when all is said and done, more has been said than done. Itronics Starts R&D to Recover Tin and Copper from Its "Breakthrough Technology" PCB Refining Pilot Plant E Itronics Inc., a "creative green technology com- pany" that produces GOLD'n GRO fertiliz- ers and silver products, has started research and development to recover tin and copper from the silver bullion being produced by its "breakthrough technology" PCB refining pilot plant. It's Only Common Sense: A Word From the Future—CES 2019 E If only we could invent something that would stop hunger and poverty, give us world peace, or stop us from being so angry with each other all the time—something we des- perately need and could use right now. That would be something, wouldn't it? It's only common sense. CES 2019: More Show Floor Favorites E This final piece covering CES 2019 reviews more automotive technology, updates on 3D printing, and some trending devices such as smartwatches and new computer components for those that either need or just want to have extremely powerful and impressive-looking computers. ESI's Chris Ryder: There's More to Choosing a Laser Than You Think E At the recent HKPCA show, Barry Matties sat down with ESI's Chris Ryder, director of prod- uct management—HDI—to discuss consider- ations for choosing a new laser system, and how ESI uses its decades of flex and rigid-flex drilling experience to help guide customers in their decision-making process. Standard of Excellence: Keep Your PCB Supplier Sharp E The best way to create a solid and productive partnership with your PCB supplier—and all of your suppliers for that matter—is to keep an open line of communication with them. No matter what kind of relationship you currently have with your suppliers, you can never com- municate enough. Let them know at all times what you need from them. Flex Time: Pointers for Your First Rigid-Flex Design E If you are new to rigid-flex designs—or have never done a rigid-flex PWB layout—you might wonder how it is similar to and differ- ent from hardboard design. In this column, I'll address critical items you need to know to suc- cessfully create a stable and robust rigid-flex design. Mr. Laminate Tells All: Good Morning, Vietnam! E Many electronics-based OEMs and their supply chains are looking for China alternatives in the current economic and political landscape. Of all the remaining locations possible in South- east Asia, Vietnam is coming to the forefront as a viable choice for successful export manu- facturing. Every day, we see evidence of large OEMs shifting their focus to Vietnam.

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