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18 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019 Feature Interview I-CONNECT007 At a job fair on campus at George Fox Uni- versity, Editor Nolan Johnson sat down with Jake Whipple, a computer engineering senior, to discuss the GFU engineering program. This is one of the few engineering programs in the U.S. that gives students experience designing PCBs before they enter the work force. Nolan Johnson: Can you start by giving me some background on yourself, where you're at in your education, and any work history? Jake Whipple: Absolutely. I was raised in south- ern California and came to Oregon to study computer engineering at GFU. As I moved through the curriculum, I've been enjoying embedded system and PCB design lately. I had a tendency even in high school towards learn- ing about technology. So, I selected computer engineering as my major knowing it would probably be the best fit. At GFU, we immediately hopped into mak- ing an air engine, which was a very mechani- cal project. The next semester, we built a robot, which was cool. I thought, "This is what I want to stick with." Fast forward a little bit, and it has been a very rigorous four years. I've learned a lot of life lessons, and it has been a crazy grind, but it's coming full circle at my senior year. Now, I'm looking into going into the industry. A big thing for me is I've been helping in the engineering labs a lot, and I get to work with a PCB machine. Last year, I had the microprocessors and embedded systems class. Now, I'm helping with that workflow for the next juniors that are going to be coming through that program. LPKF benchtop convection oven used at GFU for lead-free reflow soldering. George Fox University senior Jake Whipple. Putting University Training to Work

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