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74 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019 MilAero007 Highlights with increasing demand to make it cleaner and more efficient. While more people are using electric cars and designing electric- powered planes, ships, and submarines, it's much harder due to power and energy require- ments. Michael Cole Promoted to President and COO of AirBorn E AirBorn Inc. has promoted Michael Cole to president and COO of the company. Graphene-based Technology for Wearable Health Monitoring, Food Inspection, and Night Vision E The Graphene Pavilion, organized by the Gra- phene Flagship and supported by the Europe- an Commission and GSMA, is returning to Mo- bile World Congress (MWC) 2019 with over 20 graphene-based prototypes—four of which are developed by the Graphene Flagship partner ICFO based in Barcelona. Lockheed Martin, Diehl Defence, and Saab Unveil Collaboration E Lockheed Martin, Diehl Defence, and Saab an- nounced the Falcon air defense weapon system as the short- and medium-range air defense so- lution for current and emerging threats. Collins Elbit Vision Systems Marks F-35 Helmet Mounted Display System Delivery Milestone E With 1,000 deliveries, there's no sign of slow- ing down, according to Collins Elbit Vision Systems (CEVS), which recently celebrated the F-35 Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) Sys- tem's milestone. CEVS is a joint venture be- tween Collins Aerospace and Elbit Systems of America. 2020 Army Budget Begins 'Dramatic Shift' E A U.S. Army budget drill that identified $30 bil- lion in savings was partly about finding money for future modernization and partly to "do bet- ter with every dollar we have," said Undersec- retary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy. NASA to Advance Unique 3D-printed Sensor Technology E The technology is capable of sensing every- thing from minute concentrations of gases and vapor to atmospheric pressure and temperature, and then transmitting that data via a wireless antenna all from the same self- contained platform that measures just 2x3" in size. BAE Systems Updates F-35 Electronic Warfare Systems E BAE Systems has announced a critical program milestone with the successful insertion of new technology into its EW systems for the global fleet of fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. NASA Seeks U.S. Partners to Develop Reusable Systems to Land Astronauts on the Moon E Through multi-phased lunar exploration part- nerships, NASA is asking American companies to study the best approach to landing astro- nauts on the Moon and start the development as quickly as possible with current and future anticipated technologies. High-powered Fuel Cell Boosts Electric- powered Submersibles and Drones E The transportation industry is one of the larg- est consumers of energy in the U.S. economy

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