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38 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Nolan Johnson and Duane Benson, an I-Con- nect007 columnist and a representative from Milwaukee Electronics, discuss how assem- blers can help their customers through sub- mitting and maintaining accurate information, and engaging in open communication early and often about the highly important bill of materials (BOM). Nolan Johnson: Duane, can you kick this off with a quick description about Milwaukee Elec- tronics, what they do, and what your role is? Duane Benson: Milwaukee Electronics is a full- service contract manufacturer celebrating our 65 th anniversary in business this year. And by "full service," I mean that while we are pri- marily a contract manufacturer and EMS ser- vice, we also have custom design engineering in the corporate office. We also do layout with our San Diego PCB division, and we have pro- totype and on-demand small and limited quan- tity manufacturing in our Screaming Circuits division. Screaming Circuits started to turn manufac- turing on its head in 2003. We started with prototypes but are now building on-demand manufacturing, end-product prototypes, and mid-volume. We build items that go into outer space, deep underwater, and pretty much any- thing in between. Johnson: So, there's no real specialty for the ideal type of customer; you talk to everybody. Benson: Right. Especially with Screaming Cir- cuits, we specialize in a phase of the design and manufacturing cycle—not in a specific industry. Once the engineer hits save in that CAD software for the last time, we specialize in what happens next. Johnson: Just to clarify, is that statement just for Screaming Circuits or Screaming Circuits and Milwaukee Electronics? Benson: Screaming Circuits has a broader focus in that we do everything. Milwaukee Electron- ics has a narrower focus, but not by an awful lot. We work on medical devices in our Port- land EMS facility, which is ISO-13485 certified. Communication and Information: Two Keys to Success Duane Benson

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