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8 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 Nolan's Notes by Nolan Johnson, I-CONNECT007 Customer Success– Plans and Projects Leo Tolstoy stocked his novel Anna Kare- nina full of many wonderful passages. One of my favorites is his description of spring time on Levin's farm as the Russian winter gives way to warmer weather. "Spring is the time of plans and projects," he stated barely 50 words into the chapter. I cannot help but think of this powerful quote every spring. Tolstoy's phrase is fitting for this issue of SMT007 Magazine as well. Manufacturing is thriving and transforming into a new kind of ecosystem, and opportunities for skilled work - ers abound. As an industry, we are becoming greener, leaner, faster, and better. Like Tolstoy's spring, our industry is full of plans and projects, all intended to create happy customers. But first, our cadre of col- umnists continues to grow. Last month, we introduced you to Mike Fiorilla with his column "The Mannifest." Fio- rilla is a writer at Manncorp and addresses common prob- lems and solutions encountered by Manncorp customers. And that's not all. In this issue, you'll also be treated to a brand new contribut- ing columnist and enjoy the return of a former. Alfred Macha, president of AMT Partners, debuts his column "In Search of Operational Excellence" with a discussion on how process validation can take you to a higher level of per- formance. Macha will concentrate on supply chain management, government contracts and regulations, process control, and operational excellence, among others. Ray Prasad stages his comeback with his col- umn "SMT Solver" by addressing how assem- blers can help their customers reduce cost and improve reliability. Prasad is president of Ray Prasad Consultancy Group and will cover var- ious SMT interests, including DFM, manufac- turing processes, yield improvement, quality control, and IPC standards. His exceedingly deep knowledge of the industry will be enlight- ening. And since we're highlighting columnists, we must take a moment to re-introduce our ongoing columnists for readers who are new to our magazine. Our wise and informative regular colum - nists also include Dr. Jennie Hwang, CEO of H-Technolo- gies Group, and Bob Wetter- mann, president at BEST Inc. Hwang, an authority on SMT, offers her perspective on a range of technical and pro - cess issues. Wettermann looks at the challenges in rework and repair, providing strategies for addressing them. Lest you thought I forgot, this issue features extensive discussions with five different contract manufacturers and assembly houses representing a wide range of specialties, from prototype/startup specialists to medium- scale production and high-complexity mil/aero. The I-Connect007 editorial team asked these companies to give their best practical advice on how they help make their customers successful. We start with Dr. Jennie Hwang's column (part six in the series) on the role of bismuth in electronics.

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