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46 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 Tim's Takeaways Feature Column by Tim Haag, CONSULTANT I have the privilege of living in a neighbor- hood along with a lot of other families. In the winter, we enjoy indoor holiday celebrations, and during the warmer months, we enjoy out- door potluck dinners. We help each other out with various chores, and routinely celebrate our triumphs and victories together. No, this isn't the fictional TV town of Mayberry, but at times, it almost seems like it. And one of the greatest joys of living here is all of the children. These little ones laugh and play and want to tell me all about their day at school. While waiting for their parents to finish barbequing the hot dogs, they ride their bikes, trikes, and scooters all over our cul-de-sac. It really is perfect. In 10 years though, this story will be a lit- tle different. All of these little ones will have grown into teenagers, and they're going to exchange their bikes, trikes, and scooters for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. You can bet that these same parents who take delight in sneak- ing their kids an extra cookie during the pot- luck dinner will be creating detailed lists of rules and constraints to keep their teen driv- ers safe. These rules won't be limited to just attending driver's education and successfully passing their driving test though. I'm sure that school grades will also have to be maintained, curfews will be in effect, and of course, their driving skills will be monitored. There will be a zero-tolerance policy regarding unsafe driv- ing practices or breaking the rules of the road. Driving Rules Strict regulations like these demonstrate how much parents truly love and care for their kids by trying to keep them safe, even if the kids don't really believe it themselves. Driving rules are designed to keep drivers between the lines of traffic instead of crossing over those lines into dangerous situations. Similarly, de- sign rules are also intended to keep PCB trace Rules Keep You From Crossing the Line

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