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56 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 Creating Smart Surfaces with Electronic Functionality E Of all of the technical user presentations I attend- ed at the AltiumLive design summit in Munich, the one I found most fascinating introduced an innovative technology that encouraged a bit of lateral thinking and appealed to my creative side. ITEQ's Tarun Amla Discusses 5G Inflection Points E ITEQ Corporation Executive VP and CTO Ta- run Amla discusses effects of 5G on materials and shares general observations on the 5G roll- out at DesignCon. He also talks about the chal- lenges for their customers, and how they help them address their issues. Punching Out! Getting to a Signed Letter of Intent E The letter of intent (LOI) serves as a roadmap for the buyer's attorney to begin drafting the purchase agreement, so it is important that there are enough details in the agreement. Any major terms that are important to the parties should be included. Here's a list of the very important items in the LOI. MacDermid Alpha Opens Tech and Applications Center in Taiwan E MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions offi- cially opened a Global Development Applica- tion Center on March 19, 2019. The advanced technology and application center will house sales, technical service, customer service, and office personnel alongside the laboratory staff. Reliable 3D Flex E We all have a tendency to stick close to the fa- miliar and use the tools we know to create so- lutions to problems confronting us; we're only human. Unfortunately, using only familiar tools limits our ability to come up with opti- mal or even superior solutions. This article will help you avoid some of the traps conventional wisdom doesn't always give guidance on. Standard of Excellence: Buy Based on Value, Not Price E There are only two ways to buy PCBs; the first is based on price, which is the wrong way be- cause it encourages a very shallow relation- ship based on just one thing—the price of the boards; and the second, and right, is based on value. A great company should understand what it means to buy value. Ventec Focuses on High-mix Manufacturing E The I-Connect007 team recently toured Ven- tec International Group's Suzhou factory where a modern, flexible manufacturing con- cept designed for fast delivery is enhanc- ing their established volume manufacturing of specialty, high-reliability epoxy laminates and prepregs. Read on to know more about Ventec's ongoing investment in the facility to offer flexible world-class high-mix manu - facturing capabilities for polyimide, thermal management, low-loss, and signal integrity material solutions. The PCB Norsemen: A PCB Broker's Guide Through the Galaxy of Automation E A smart factory is defined by its ability to harness manufacturing data flowing throughout the enter- prise and then convert that data into intelligent information that can be used to create improve- ments in productivity, efficiency, savings, yields, automation, enabled traceability, compliance, and reduced risk of errors and rework. All crucial fac- tors when manufacturing printed circuits.

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