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70 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 MilAero007 Highlights about how she got into this industry, and what we could do to draw more young people into this career. DARPA Seeks to Make Scalable On-chip Security Pervasive E Program to focus on addressing the econom- ic and technical challenges associated with in- corporating scalable defense mechanisms into chip designs. NASA's Mars Helicopter Completes Flight Tests E Weighing in at no more than 4 pounds (1.8 ki- lograms), the helicopter is a technology dem- onstration project currently going through the rigorous verification process certifying it for Mars. TTM Invests in Two Nano Dimension Additive Manufacturing Systems E Nano Dimension Ltd. announced that TTM Technologies has expanded its relationship with Nano Dimension by purchasing two addi- tional DragonFly Pro systems, to complement the existing single unit at the facility. University Students Point to the Future in their Research E Cutting-edge automation, AI, machine learning, and Industry 4.0 are all part of the response to the increasing demands for printed circuit boards that are not only faster, smaller, and cheaper but also higher-frequency, lower-loss, more tempera- ture tolerant, and higher reliability. In many cas- es, it will be unique and advanced research com- ing out of the university system that will help move the industry forward. FTG to Acquire U.S.-based Circuit Board Company E Firan Technology Group Corporation has en- tered into an agreement to acquire a U.S.-based circuit board manufacturing company focused on the aerospace and defense markets. IPC's U.S. Export Control Compliance Workshops E To help the electronics industry stay abreast of U.S export control obligations, IPC is hosting training workshops the week of April 29, 2019, in California, Illinois, and Virginia. NASA 'Nose' Importance of Humans, Robots Exploring Together E NASA is sending humans forward to the Moon, this time to stay. Upcoming expeditions to the Moon will require making every moment of as- tronaut time outside the safety of the Gateway in orbit and lunar lander system on the surface count. Robotics will enable lunar crews to do more while minimizing their risk. World's First Flight of Pioneering 'Lighter Than Air' UAV E A new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has made a successful maiden flight thanks, in part, to the expertise of engineers from the University of Southampton. PCB Design Is All in the Family With Nicole Pacino E I shared a flight with Nicole Pacino on the way to Altium Live in Munich, and she mentioned that her father was speaking at the show. I went down the list of speakers, and it turned out that her dad is Mike Creeden of San Di- ego PCB. In Germany, I asked Nicole to tell us

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