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80 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 1 New eBook Explores Tips for Executing Complex PCB Designs E Written by Scott Miller, COO of Freedom CAD Services, The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to… Executing Complex PCBs provides a set of guidelines for designing the most complex, high-speed circuit boards. This book is a must-read for anyone designing high-speed, sophisticated PCBs. 2 Nano Dimension Offers Update on Dragonfly 3D Printer a Year After Launch E The Nano Dimension Dragonfly 3D printer ar- rived in much fanfare a little over a year ago. Customers around the world are using them to print antennas, sensors, and PCBs. At Altium- Live in Munich, I asked Product Manager Rob- ert Even to discuss what they've learned in the year since the Dragonfly debuted, and some potential uses for 3D printing technology. 3 Lightning Speed Laminates: Higher Frequencies Pave Way for Flexible Circuit Materials E The smaller wavelengths of mmWave frequencies tend to highlight circuit materi- al anomalies at those higher frequencies—anomalies that can also influence the radio frequency (RF) performance of the circuit. Such material anomalies include variations in dielectric thickness, dielectric constant (Dk), copper conductor width and spacing. 4 Beyond Design: The Proximity Effect E Skin effect and the proximity effect are man- ifestations of the same principle—magnetic lines of flux cannot penetrate a good conduc- tor. The difference between them is that skin effect is a reaction to the magnetic fields gen- erated by current flowing within a conductor. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 John Coonrod

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