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20 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2019 Sybert: Conformal coating is generally a pro- cess that's put in place because it's required as opposed to being a nice thing to have. Its func- tion largely serves to increase product yields in the field and the reliability of products, especially in harsh environments. Conformal coatings protect electronics from external fac- tors, such as extreme heat, humidity, mois- ture, and dust. They also protect from inter- nal factors, such as circuit board corrosion, whisker growth, and shorts within the system. Overall, they serve as an insulation layer that makes sure that the different components stay focused and dedicated to what it is that they're doing as opposed to getting in trouble and causing premature failures on boards. As we start to see electronics in a variety of different applications, and as we incorporate some more into things like automobiles, then the need for higher reliability in these electronic products increases significantly. Johnson: Do standards play a big role in why conformal coating is required rather than it being just "nice to have" for cars, etc.? Sybert: Your question addresses a number of different items that are coming up as far as Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 The I-Connect007 editorial team spoke with one of Nordson ASYMTEK's conformal coat- ing experts, Camille Sybert, to discuss where the coating industry is trending and, with the rise of Industry 4.0 and automation, how it is much less about providing the right applicator and more about addressing the entire confor- mal coating process. Nolan Johnson: Camille, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Camille Sybert: I'm a product marketing engi- neer, and I've been with ASYMTEK for about seven years. I started in applications support- ing both our precision dispensing and confor- mal coating. I ended up focusing on the con- formal coating. Now, my responsibilities cover the product management aspects of our confor- mal coatings product lines as well as address- ing our EMI spray solutions. Johnson: Next, can you give us an overview of conformal coatings and the available technolo- gies for applying them? Conformal Coating Processes and Trends

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