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94 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2019 1 SMT Solver: Benchmarking Defect Levels in Your Products E In this column, Ray Prasad dis- cusses why zero defects may be a desirable goal but not a real- istic one. He also shares some industry data as proof, which you can also use to benchmark defect levels in your products. Finally, he also addresses the choices when selecting components that have a big impact on the level of defects you should expect. 2 Digitalization: Key to the Future of Electronics Manufacturing? E Electronics manufacturers have long relied on automation to streamline their production pro - cesses. The concept of the smart factory takes this one step fur- ther with artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, analytics, big data, and the inter- net of things (IoT) promising an even greater level of autonomy, agility, and connectivity. 3 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Three Die Attach Methods for Microelectronics Manufacturing E Die attach technology is increas- ingly being applied in PCB hybrid manufacturing (i.e., combining traditional SMT manufacturing with microelectronics) to com - ply with the requirements of small PCBs, especially rigid, flex, and combi- nation rigid-flex circuit boards. These smaller boards are used in a variety of IoT, wearable, and portable applications. 4 Smart Manufacturing Roadmap: Data Flow Considerations for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry E The 2019 iNEMI Roadmap features a new chap- ter on smart manufacturing. The chapter iden- tifies key technology gaps and needs and offers recommendations to guide the electronics man- ufacturing industry in realizing the benefits of smart manufacturing. This article is based on information excerpted from the chapter. Editor's Picks from Ray Prasad Neil Sharp Zulki Khan

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