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112 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2019 1 New Book Examines Critical Need for Proper PCB Documentation E Bring your knowledge of PCB documentation into the 21 st Century with The Printed Cir- cuit Designer's Guide to… Doc- umentation—the latest title in our educational library. 2 Beyond Design: The Key to Product Reliability E With today's rapid product development cycles and time- to-market pressures, PCB designers are pushed to their limit. This situation leaves many developers with the question of how to ensure that their high-speed digital design performs to expectations, is stable given all possible di- verse environments, and is reliable over the products projected life cycle. 3 The Shaughnessy Report: Reliability Is a Team Sport E My 2003 Mazda Tribute doesn't look very cool; it's classified as a "cute ute." But it can haul four guitars and a pair of PA speakers with room to spare. It's been paid off for so long that I've been able to put more money away for my rapidly approaching golden years. As the saying goes, "Reliability isn't just an added feature." 4 Design Is a Pivotal Peice of the Puzzle E Julie Ellis sees a wide variety of customer design requirements. In this interview with the I-Con - nect007 Editorial Team, Julie explains how PCB designers can influence the development of the PCB. She shares a variety of tips and tricks that designers can implement early in the de - sign process to help optimize fabrication and assembly later on and k eep small issues from becoming big problems downstream. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 Barry Olney Julie Ellis

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