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102 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 1 SMT Stencils 101: What Are Industry- standard Stencil Designs? E If you've been in the SMT industry for any length of time and involved in ordering sten- cils, you may have instructed your stencil supplier to design your stencil to "industry stan- dards" or per IPC standards. These are very loose terms and may be inter- preted differently by different stencil manufac- turers. 2 The Government Circuit: Trump Praises Industry on Workforce Issues, IPC Launches Grassroots Platform E On the government relations front, IPC's work- force development efforts were recognized at the White House in Washington and on a fac- tory floor in Michigan. On another front, we've launched an online platform that makes it eas- ier for our members to contact their elected officials, and we're using it to seek more R&D funding for an important industry project. 3 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Protect the Die and Wire Bonding for Effective PCB Microelectronics Assembly E Protecting bare dies on a PCB or substrate is a major process of microelectronics assembly. As we've said before, microelectronics assem- bly and manufacturing work in tandem with traditional SMT manufacturing for complete PCB hybrid manufacturing of today's smaller form factor products, including IoT, wearables, and portable devices. 4 The Mannifest: Common Machine Errors and How to Avoid Them E When it comes to the quality of SMT boards you produce, it can be difficult to know where to begin and what fea- tures various PCBA machines offer are most important. To avoid common errors that could compromise the boards you're looking to produce, be sure to keep an eye out on these key features before assembling your line. Editor's Picks from Greg Smith Chris Ellis

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